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Bilingual Technical Support Engineer

As a Technical Support Engineer at Eagle Eye Networks, you will be part of the team responsible for providing excellent technical support to our channel partners and customers with the goal of keeping them ...
10 hours ago

IT Support Technician - Level 2

We are an Austin-based managed IT and cloud services company. We are seeking a Full Time Level 2 Technical Support Engineer who has a passion for technology and problem solving. You would be responsible for ...
2 weeks ago

Technical Support Engineer - Tiers 1,2,3

orange county
PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO APPLICANTS THAT DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS JOB POSTING We're a company that's passionate about helping people. We do that by ensuring ...
2 weeks ago

GSAP - Technical Support Engineer I

Cairo, Egypt 09/08/2019 Apply now GSAP Technical Support Engineer I At Dell, we are committed to bringing innovation to people everywhere and organizations of all shapes and sizes so they can transform and thrive in ...
2 months ago

Senior Technical Support Engineer - Networked AV

san jose
Job Label: PANDATLONA-TechSupportEngrIII You're the Networked AV Installer that everyone goes to when no one else can solve the problem. And then, you often know the answer without researching it, or you know exactly ...
3 months ago

Technical Support Engineer ?RSA? At Dell Careers

Responsibilities: ・Applies advanced systems level technical expertise to resolve highly complex systems level customer issues・Reviews technical solution articles for accuracy and completeness, and give feedback to the authors・Accepts escalations from other technical ...
3 months ago

Technical Support Engineer II - Networked AV

san jose
Job Label: PANDATLONA-TechSupportEngrII You've been working with Networked AV systems for a few years, long enough that you can put the pieces together blindfolded and with one hand tied behind your back. Okay, so ...
3 months ago

Technical Support Engineer 1, Technical Support At Dell Careers

Xiamen, China 08/13/2019 Apply now 工作职责: 通过邮件,电话,社交媒体等方式为客户提供硬件、软件及网络相关技术问题的有效解决方案。始终重视并积极关注客户体验, 并能够灵活处理客户的技术问题;在解决客户问题的同时,挖掘客户潜在需求,提供配件销售,续保,付费维修单,续保等全面解决方案 资格要求: 大专或以上学历,计算机、电子工程等相关专业,具备计算机产品知识;熟悉台式机、笔记本电脑技术及拆装,良好的沟通能力和服务意识;1-2年呼叫中心技术支持与销售经验者优先。具备一定的英语基础,听说能力优秀者优先考虑;优秀的学习能力,能够承担较大的工作压力;良好的沟通能力,以及承上启下,积极主动的沟通意愿。 Job Family: Engineering Global-Services Product-Services Job ID: R029150 Apply nowRelated Job Opportunities View All Opportunities
3 months ago

Technical Support Engineer 2(Ent L1) At Dell Careers

Xiamen, China 02/25/2019 Apply now 职位要求:1  大专或以上学历,2-5年的工作经验,计算机相关专业,具备服务器,存储等计算机产品知识,了解计算机体系架构,计算机内外部设备,熟悉Windows操作系统和常用软件,了解基本的网络配置;2  良好的沟通能力和客服意识;3  英语4级以上水平,听说能力优秀者优先考虑;4  优秀的学习能力,能够承担较大的工作压力。5  具有微软、Red hat、思科、虚拟化等技术认证者优先。 Job Family: Product-Services Engineering Job ID: R98820 Apply nowRelated Job Opportunities View All Opportunities
4 months ago

RSA- Technical Support Engineer TSE I (G&L) At Dell Careers

RSA, is the premier provider of security, risk and compliance management solutions for business acceleration. RSA helps the world's leading organizations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges. These challenges include managing organizational ...
4 months ago