What we have here can enable you to succeed like never before!

This opportunity . . .
â³ Enables you to work at home and begin getting paid in less than a week!
â³ Pays you daily and ongoing residuals whenever a someone joins your team!
â³ Provides you with a lucrative pay plan; just 1 signup can generate residuals that can exceed $1,000 per day 7 days/week!
â³ Not only pays residuals to you 7 days per week but these residuals can continue to be paid to you for years to come.
â³ Makes it possible for you to access your pay 24/7 with your own company-issued Mastercardâ debit card!
â³ Creates an earning potential that can exceed $3,000/day, 7 days/week (You don't work weekends but you're still paid)!
â³ Has a marketing system where 15 to 30 prospects call you each day! (This is completely verifiable.)
â³ Is offered by a firm that's stable, currently has over 1,000,000 affiliates worldwide and manages over $780 million.

This opportunity is NOT:
â³ Any type of Multi-level or Network Marketing; you'll never be asked to sell anything to your friends or family!

Our firm is stable:
â³ We are private company registered in Australia; a copy of our license is available upon request.
â³ After thoroughly reviewing our financial statements and earnings reports, both Apple and Android have approved our app (that tracks your income and facilitates withdrawals of your earnings 24/7), to be featured in their App stores. We remain the ONLY cryptocurrency trading firm to have the financial strength to qualify to have its app listed in these venues!

Our training program has been designed to ensure the success of new team members:
â³ No licensing and/or specialized training are needed to work for our firm.
â³ Complete training including all training/marketing materials are provided for you at no cost.
â³ The senior associate assigned to train you is incentivized financially to ensure your success!

â³ Must be able to work for a minimum of 10 hours per week.
â³ Possess a computer in your home, fast internet and a phone.
â³ Must possess basic computer skills and have a clear speaking voice.

NOTE TO THE READERS OF THIS AD: It's a well-known fact that many ads on craigslist are filled with income exaggerations and hype. This is definitely not the case here! We understand that the incomes stated here in this ad are extraordinarily high but our firm does indeed pay its people as well as is stated in this ad and often quite a bit more. The bottom line is this opportunity is real, completely legitimate and is definitely worth your time to look into.

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24 Hour Recorded Information Line - (714) 707-6682

Some of our most successful associates come from the world of finance!
If you're currently or were formerly involved in any of the professions listed below, we would like to speak with you:
Stock Brokers - Options Traders - Bankers - Futures Traders - FOREX Traders - Venture Capitalists
Investment Bankers - Hedge Fund Managers - Commodities Brokers - Specialists in IPO's or Arbitrage

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