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The information listed is a general summary of benefits. These provisions do not constitute an expressed or implied contract and are subject to change.

Benefit Amount:
An annual benefit amount is provided and may be applied towards health insurance premiums (medical, dental, vision and life).  This benefit is pro-rated and paid on a pay period basis (24 pay periods).

Health Insurance:
A choice of PPO and HMO medical plans which include PPO and HMO dental plans and include dental and vision coverage. Dependent coverage is available. Providers include Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, Delta Dental, and Vision Services Plan (VSP).

Retirement: The retirement plan is a defined benefit plan administered pursuant to the 1937 Act County Employees Retirement Act and integrated with Social Security. In addition to ordinary retirement benefits, the plan provides disability and death benefits. Retirement contributions are made by both the County and the employee. The County has reciprocity with the State of California, contracting PERS agencies, and all County 1937 Act Retirement Systems.

Paid Holiday Leave:
11 set days and 1 personal holiday.

Vacation Accrual:
2 weeks per year (0-3 years of service)
3 weeks per year (3-7 years of service)
4 weeks per year (7-11 years of service)
5 weeks per year (11+ years of service)
Limit of 300 hours.

Sick Leave Accrual: 12 days per year with unlimited accumulation, 50 hours of which may be used toward family sick leave. Sick leave buy back program after 3 years of service.

Group Term Life Insurance and AD&D:  $10,000; Provided by Standard Insurance Company.

Disability Insurance:
Employees are covered by State Disability Insurance. The premium is paid by the employee.

Deferred Compensation:
A voluntary deferred compensation plan is available.

To view more detailed descriptions of Tulare County's benefits, please view the Benefits section of our Web site at

The Provisions Of This Bulletin Do Not Constitute An Expressed Or Implied Contract And Are Subject To Change.

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