Report on ISO A Contractor / Landscaper / Need Fencing

ISO A Contractor / Landscaper / Need Fencing

In search of a professional Contractor or Landscaper for a variety of projects to start ASAP on my property in Littlerock, CA.

Project 1 is grading the dirt in a large animal exercise yard. We are a kennel licensed animal facility and are making upgrades to our animal yards.

For this yard, I am wanting to have the existing chainlink fence buried in a perimeter around the fence and cemented in so the animals can't dig in or out. Then I want to order a large amount of decomposed granite (DG) to cover the dirt areas. Next, I want to cover the DG with a higher grade astroturf.

Project 2 is to put a new fence where there is currently pipe corral where a mini horse is kept. Most likely the new fence will be chainlink and it needs to be tall with a coyote roller to keep the animals safer.

The pipe corral there now will be moved to a graded dirt area where it will be used as a horse round pen.

Project 3 is to have a large portion of my dirt lot graded so the surface is smooth and weed-free. I also want a large amount of DG ordered and distributed to cover the graded area and then a high-grade astroturf laid out on top and nailed down.

I want to add white vinyl picket fence all the way around this astroturf. The desire is for it to look like a mini dog park and to have as a nice area to train dogs.

Please contact me ASAP if you have the skills, knowledge, credits, and tools to help out.

Thank you!!

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