Report on Make Thousands Of Dollars A Month By Working At Home

Make Thousands Of Dollars A Month By Working At Home

I am a Bitcoin broker at Mosaic Exchange; we are currently the most prestigious and well known Bitcoin algorithmic AI trading company in the world. This is evidenced by our many partnerships we have with large and well-known companies. We are partnered with several banks including Citi Bank as well as with Binance and Bittrex cryptocurrency exchanges. I am looking for motivated and driven individuals who will help me find people interested in investing at least one Bitcoin with Mosaic (a Bitcoin is trading for about $7200 and if a person does not own a Bitcoin, we will sell them one). This job allows you to work as much as you want and you can work from any location in the world. I need people who are ready to hit the ground running and start finding potential clients immediately. People with sales experience of any kind would be good candidates or those with marketing backgrounds. Creativity is required to find potential clients; those with a large social media presence have a bit of an advantage. However, that is not a requirement; if you have lists of leads or ways of contacting a large amount of people, you will excel at this job. I make 20% of the monthly profits from each client I bring into the company; I am willing to split the profits 50/50 with anyone who helps me bring in new clients and you will continue to be paid so long as that person invests with us. Mosaic has an incredible track record and average monthly returns are between 20-50+ percent; this means that you will very quickly be making $1000-$2000 a month from each client. If you work hard, you will see fabulously higher monthly profits- a couple of our top brokers are making $70,000 a month.

If you think you would be a good fit or have any questions please contact me at 1-723-353-0500 or email me at

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