Report on REGIONAL TRAILER NETWORK MANAGER At Swift Transportation


Primary Purpose and Essential Functions: Manage and coordinate trailer assets within a designated region to maximize return on invested capital.
  1. Manage trailer network in assigned region to ensure optimal trailer supply in every market.
  2. Establish trailer balance percentage targets by market and provide solutions for maintaining trailer network balance targets.
  3. Drive trailer utilization improvement by identifying and communicating high trailer dwell opportunities to appropriate departments and/or customers.
  4. Monitor the efficient usage of trailers in assigned region through the use of various trailer reports.
  5. Ensure maximum revenue generation of equipment by working with other departments and/or lines of business.
  6. Maximize trailer turns per week in accordance with department and company objectives.
  7. Monitor inactive trailers at customer and terminal locations.
  8. Identify trailers available for assignment and coordinate equipment re-positions to ensure trailer pool requirements are met.
  9. Identify trailers to be locked down for sale or lease and coordinate the movement of these trailers to predetermined locations.
  10. Oversee the recovery of abandoned, towed, damaged and/or missing trailers in assigned region; coordinate the movement of these trailers to predetermined locations.
  11. Review and address trailer solution exceptions with appropriate customer service leaders and/or sales leadership to reduce rework and drive better trailer pool accuracy.
  12. Ensure trailer project requirements are being met by agreed upon timelines.
  13. Refine and update business skills and experience through work assignments.
  14. Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner which facilitates the success of business operations in order to meet company demands and expectations.
  15. Proactively work to assist others in achieving the organization's objectives.
  1. Skills: Must possess excellent verbal and written communicate skills. Must possess good problem solving skills. Must be detailed orientated. Must possess strong organization skills. Must be able to work well with others.
  2. Education: Associates' degree in related field or equivalent combination of education and/or experience required.
  3. Experience Required: 1+ year experience in operations within the transportation industry required.
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