Report on T&E Engineer (Contingent) At Kratos Defense & Security Solutions

T&E Engineer (Contingent) At Kratos Defense & Security Solutions


Designs, develops, and implements cost-effective methods of testing and troubleshooting systems and equipment for all phases of product development and manufacturing. Prepares test and diagnostic programs, designs test fixtures and equipment, and completes specifications and procedures for new products. Plans the labor, schedules, and equipment required for testing and evaluating standard and special devices. 

Maintain the schedule for range activities based on Government-approved inputs.  Perform receipt inspection of test hardware and ordnance. All incoming test ordnance is received from the Ammunition Services, Experimental Explosive Area (EEA), or external sources. Upon receipt to the test area, the Contractor shall inspect to verify it meets the test configuration requirement, and then process for testing.  Conduct test site preparations. This function includes cleanup from previous testing, setup and fabrication of test fixtures (including masonry, carpentry, metalworking, etc.), setup of arenas, instrumentation, cameras, gun systems, and targets.  Conduct setup of the test and instrumentation as per the test plan and appropriate safety documents. The Contractor shall monitor and acquire the data as per the test plan and process the test data in the appropriate format to the test engineer. Data measurements include: temperature, pressure, strain, standard video, still photography, high speed video, flight follower video, displacement, velocity, acceleration, dispersion, and Inter- Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG) timing.  Conduct screening, handling, transporting, arming, firing, and other operational functions.  Provide technical support during the planning of specific test programs. Test programs occur at the component, subsystem, and system level for a specific weapon or weapon system. This support involves coordinating with technical programs at NSWCDD as well as external customers to recommend specific test requirements, standard operating procedures and desired test date(s).  Attend test coordination meetings, provide technical inputs, and maintain a record of action items assigned. The Contractor shall formally track action item resolution and report on same at future meetings.  Technically review test plans and procedures prepared by others and provide technical recommendations. Input financial and procurement information to Government databases (IBPES, SCOPE, TRIDDS). The Contractor shall track shipments associated with NSWCDD range requirements in order to ensure that E40 remains aware of the current status of each requirement. This information will not contain any Contractor proprietary information.  Track test program progress against Work Breakdown Structures and test cost estimates (CDRL A008) and report deviations from planned schedule(s)

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